The Power Of Promotional Products And How To Harness That Power

Promotional products are considered as one of the oldest forms of marketing strategy. In fact, many businesses spend around $20 billions each year to buy promotional items to give away to clients, employees, suppliers and business partners. Unlike conventional advertising, promotional products work on the idea of passive advertising. The logos printed on travel mugs, promotional pens and customized fridge magnets for example are powerful enough to create curiosity to the target market. So why are promo products powerful marketing strategies? Here are the reasons why this type of marketing strategy is effective.

Promotional Items Work Around The Rule Of Reciprocity

The efficacy of promo products can be credited to the social norms surround the rule of reciprocity. This means that if someone gives you something, you are bound to give something back. This is the reason why when you give promo items like promotional shirts to your clients, they will also tend to give back by patronizing your business or recommending it to their friends and colleagues. This is the reason why service-oriented companies love giving promo items to their clients because they believe that if clients like their freebies, they will end up doing more transactions with them in the future.

Promotional Items Are Compelling

Promotional items are also compelling and they encourage people to make a decision to get products and services. For instance, if you run a travel agency and you give promotional items like travel mugs to your clients to boost your promotional sale, then they will be encouraged to book their next travel with you if they find your offers irresistible. Promo items are not only used by businesses but also by organizations that want to launch their cause to society. Charitable institutions give away pins and other promo items to encourage people to join their cause.

Customized Promotional Items Help Boost The Customer Ego

There is really nothing like receiving a promo item that has your name on it. In fact, giving them away can help boost the customer ego. The thing is that people love to see their names on most of their things. It makes them feel special if you print their names on the promo item and they are likely to use them more compared to other promotional items that do not have their names on them.

There is really no doubt that promotional items are very powerful marketing strategies and this is the reason why it remains as one of the most popular and sought after marketing strategies in the market today.

Measuring the ROI of Promotional Products

Have you ever considered measuring the ROI of Promotional Products?

As a modern-day marketer, we are trained to question & measure the return on all marketing activities. I was recently asked by a fellow marketer how would I measure or rate promotional products against other forms of marketing techniques?

It was a fair question but it surprised me nonetheless, so I decided to build an experimental promotional marketing campaign while bringing the focus to ROI.

For the sake of this campaign, let’s say you want to measure the return on promotional materials to be used as giveaways for an event.

ROI of Promotional Giveaways for Events

Let’s assume that the event is expected to receive 1000 participants and out of those you can reasonably estimate that 40% of the participants are your targeted audience.

In other words, you are basically looking at running a promotional marketing campaign for 400 participants at the cost of 1000 participants, since you can’t find out which participant is your targeted audience by simply looking at them.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

A popular event promotional giveaway, such as a custom keychain typically costs under $1 per piece. You will need 1000 keychains for all the participants in this particular campaign. So, your total estimated cost for this campaign would be $1000 (1000 keychains @ roughly $1 each + setup costs).

In other words, your direct cost of promotional marketing campaign would be: $1000 per 400 participants or $2.5 per participant (as you will end up wasting the remaining $600 worth of giveaways to the non-targeted audience)

The MATH behind the ROI of Reach

According to a research done by PPAI, an average promotional item kept over a year is seen by at least 2.5 additional targeted audiences by means of their original recipient. This is called as reach amplification, where your promotional product is exposed to other people intentionally or as a by-product of use.

In other words, if 400 participants used their promotional items for over a year, they will expose your brand name to 1000 more targeted audience. Simple speaking, by spending $1000 you managed to expose your brand name to at least 1400 targeted audience over the course of a year.

Therefore, the Cost per Impression (CPI) is $0.71 per targeted audience.

Now if you can just factor in your company conversion rates, it will give you a good idea on the ROI of this particular campaign.


Context of Use

The performance of a promotional item can be greatly affected by the context in which it is used. For example, a real estate agent giving away promotional keychains to his prospective clients can see an even better ROI as there will be very little waste.

Brand Resonance or Product Choice

It is vital to choose the right promotional product that connects with your brand & messaging. Just because a promotional product is exciting, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily drive home the intended message. You will need to find promotional products that resonate with your audience and carry your message through brand association.

For example, a moving company would benefit from giving away branded measuring tapes, a repair company may benefit from giving away branded repair tools and so on.

Use Promotional Products Like Promotional Mugs and Logo Mats to Build Your Brand Image

You might have heard about promotional products, but don’t know how to use these products to build your brand image. This is wise to make investment in these products for great returns instead of wasting money on bench ads or billboards.

No doubt, billboards attract attention, but they are not as cheap as other advertising products. Another disadvantage of billboard is that they are fixed and not movable. On the other hand, promotional products travel from one place to another to advertise your brand message. Promotional items can help you establish your company image in different ways. Big brands always include promotional items like promotional mugs and logo mats in their marketing mix.

Here are some ideas about how to use advertising products to promote your business:

Know the Value of making Statements

You are in business and you know the importance of making statements. In business, you cannot ignore the value of making statements. It can boost the bottom line of your company. It will not only create your business image among individuals, but also make good impression on communities. It is up to you to make your business statement off-putting or flashy. Ideally, you would love to deliver insightful business message using elusive system. This is exactly what logo mats and promotional mugs can do.

Exact Use of Logo Mats

Promotional products are commonly seen everywhere. But, these advertising items need to be customized to reflect the impression of your business values, goals or tastes. They must attract viewers’ attention to learn about the origin of these products. Certainly, you can place customized logo mat near the door of your home, but this is not the proper place to advertise your company brand. Until you make the right use of right things, you cannot achieve desired goals. You can put logo mats in the Lobby Area, Employees Only Section or Behind Retail Counter to express your company message.

How to Choose Promotional Mugs?

Companies often give promotional mugs to their customers so that they would think about and remember company name. Hundreds of thousands take tea or coffee regularly, and thus these mugs not only advertise your company message, but also get appreciation for your company’s investment in promotional material. Choosing great designs and colors for your company logo, you must consider the price factor. You can choose from insulated mugs or ceramic mugs according to your advertising budget. If you want to make a reasonable choice within your budget, ceramic mugs are the best option.

How to Effectively Use Promotional Products

The purpose of promotional products is to attract new clients/customers, increase brand awareness and to ultimately grow your company, cause or campaign. They are proven to be a cost-effective way of marketing to an extremely large audience with minimal work. So, what exactly can promotional products do for you?

1. Create and establish solid relationships.

Giving an item to someone (potential customer, donor, or voter) will make them more likely to give back to you, whether that be in the form of a purchase, donation or support. According to a recent market research study, 52% of participants given a promotional item ultimately did business with that company.

2. Driving attention.

We all want attention for our company, cause or campaign. Promotional products are a great way to gain that attention. Recent surveys show that there is a 176% increase in foot traffic to those that hand out promotional items.

3. They last (sometimes) longer than your company, cause or campaign.

Compared to conventional ads, promotional products could potentially continue to reach new customers, donors or voters for an unlimited amount of time. In a recent study performed at a variety of airports, 71% of participants had received a promotional product in the last 12 months. Of those participants, 33% had that product on them.

4. Increase brand recognition.

Promotional products have the ability to reach an audience far beyond your targeted boundaries. For example, promotional t-shirts are often worn to the gym, grocery store, park or shopping. They are walking, moving and breathing billboards.

5. They could be the reason for your largest customer, most frequent donor, or biggest supporter.

Promotional products are designed to generate revenue for your company, interest from your donors and interaction from your supporters. A Baylor University study concluded that those using promotional products were 22% more successful than those that didn’t.

Guide to Giving Promotional Products to Employees:

What is Employee Recognition? The acknowledgement of an individual or team’s behavior, effort and accomplishments that support the organization’s goals and values.

  • Tablet cases: Ideal for universities, technology companies and more, your logo will travel far on a tablet case.
  • Mugs: Take any hot beverage on-the-go with style while enjoying an advertising option with the potential for excellent repeat exposure. From trade shows to employee gifts and giveaways, a mug is a great way yo be seen at any coffee break!
  • Notebooks: A notebook, with ample writing space, is perfect for meetings and conventions.
  • Calendars: Self-adhering calendars are powerful promotional items that ensure your message sticks. They are a convenient way for counting down days and marking events.
  • Key rings: Keep your branding options open with an aluminum beverage wrench key chain. The perfect promotional giveaway for bars, tailgates, beverage companies and more, just customize with a laser or pad print imprint.