How Promotional Products Can Make You Even More Popular During the Holidays

Yes – the holidays are here. As it is, you should take the opportunity to spread your own holiday cheer, by handing out promotional products that your target market will love.

Remember: promotional products are meant to connect with your audience. And the more you are able to connect with them – the better your marketing efforts will be. Now, what better time is there (to reach these goals) than the holidays, right?

To make things more specific, let’s take a look at how promotional items can actually make you more popular during the holidays (and even the whole year round):

It Will Allow You to Connect With Your Target Market

As mentioned earlier, marketing is about communicating and creating relationships with your market.

By handing out promotional products and gifts, you are actually able to connect with your audience in a much deeper level. Accordingly, this allows you to further encourage people to support your business or brand.

Remember that people, by nature, like to receive gifts and items. If you are able to give out even simple handouts such as USBs, custom mugs and other similar freebies, then you’ll become more relatable – ultimately helping you to clearly communicate with them. And when that happens, then you can congratulate yourself for a job well done.

Your Customers Will Appreciate Your Gesture

If you notice, people seem to be more appreciative during the holidays. Being so, any simple gesture that comes from you – whether it may be through custom promotional products such as chocolates and candies – can go a long way.

Again, take note that people like to receive freebies and gifts (this is actually one of the main reasons why many businesses offer special promos and discounts during holidays).

Now, if you are able to give interesting items to people, then you’ll be able to impress them even more. And of course, the more impressed your current and prospective customers are – the more popular you become.

You’ll be Able to Encourage Customers to Stay Loyal to Your Brand

Another aspect worth noting about the “science” of handing out promotional products is that it actually promotes customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is a very important aspect of business. In fact, many claim that this is equally (if not more) important than attracting new customers.

By handing out promotional giveaways to your loyal customers and clients – you are actually able to show them that you are worth their loyalty. Accordingly, this will encourage them to stay and become even more loyal to your business or brand. Obviously, that’s a not a bad scenario at all.

It Gives Your Business a “Face”

If you are able to hand out personalized promotional products – then you are actually able to “humanize” your business. People will start trusting your business even more – eventually resulting to greater market support and of course, better campaigns.

Note: don’t just hand out items. Try to make things more personal, by including a personalized message greeting people for the holidays (you can include a holiday card with your promotional gift or you can even include a picture if you want). Remember: if you make it personal – your relationship with your customers will become even deeper.

It Shows that You Care

Just like the way promotional products give your company a “face”, handing out promotional gifts during the holidays actually shows that you care. Accordingly, this will help you become the more preferred business over your competition, thereby resulting to increased popularity and loads of other benefits.

In the end, the decision as to whether you should give promotional products and gifts for the holidays will lie in your hands. But if you do decide to give this strategy a try – you might want to opt for the following holiday-themed products to make things work:

  • Holiday gift boxes
  • Stuffed toys
  • Pens
  • Mugs
  • Custom USBs
  • Apparel
  • Bags
  • Key Tags
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Golf items
  • Accessories
  • Many other options

How Promotional Products Can Prove to Be a Good Marketing Strategy?

We all know the importance of advertising in the business industry. Promotional products are the best tools for advertisement if they are picked and used correctly. Their function is to inform, persuade, and influence the decision of a large number of audiences. For these reasons, they are the most powerful and cost-efficient way of advertising and branding your company. They are used by companies for various purposes like expanding their market, maintaining their current positions, and to present corporate viewpoints on public issues.

Although everyone loves freebies, giving away promotional gifts does not always guarantee a successful campaign and there is no exact single formula for it. There are, however, different strategies to be considered. One has to choose an approach and qualify/right-fit the promo product for each marketing event or type of business.

Lets discuss how promotional products are a good marketing strategy:

Promotional products are the most effective way to introduce your company to a large target market. It has a very low CPI (Cost-Per-Impression) and it relates your brand to the person carrying the product — The more people carrying your brand, the more “promoters” you have. These promoters are also significant in reaching out to your target market and convert would be detractors.

Promotional objectives are based on the principle of ‘Give and so shall you receive’. These items inform, convince and motivate the customers to buy. To be honest, I myself has been motivated by a GWP promotion (gift with purchase) as it adds value to my usual purchase. — Giving a Promotional item is an act of generosity that leaves a long lasting impression in the minds of the receivers.

They are a sincere way of showing your appreciation and gratitude to your clients and employees which results in building a stronger relationship between the giver and the receivers. Your reputation as a business and as an employer will get an extra boost.

When useful items are being given away, these items will help stamp your brand name in the minds of the recipients. They will be frequently in front of the customers’ eyes and they will remember your business every time the item is used. With this, other people will also come to know about your brand.

Every company has known the benefits of promotional products for their growth. They help in building a healthy business and provide an advantage over other competitors. They are also the only marketing strategy where people are appreciative of your advertising effort.

This article would like to make an additional important assertion. It is very important to choose a good promotional product supplier in order to be successful with your strategy. No matter how good your plans and ideas are or how smart you choose the product, you will need a good distributor that ensures quality product supply, prompt and safe delivery, marketing support, etc. APD Promotions is one such brand that takes your business to global level and assists you to establish yourself.

The Power Of Promotional Products And How To Harness That Power

Promotional products are considered as one of the oldest forms of marketing strategy. In fact, many businesses spend around $20 billions each year to buy promotional items to give away to clients, employees, suppliers and business partners. Unlike conventional advertising, promotional products work on the idea of passive advertising. The logos printed on travel mugs, promotional pens and customized fridge magnets for example are powerful enough to create curiosity to the target market. So why are promo products powerful marketing strategies? Here are the reasons why this type of marketing strategy is effective.

Promotional Items Work Around The Rule Of Reciprocity

The efficacy of promo products can be credited to the social norms surround the rule of reciprocity. This means that if someone gives you something, you are bound to give something back. This is the reason why when you give promo items like promotional shirts to your clients, they will also tend to give back by patronizing your business or recommending it to their friends and colleagues. This is the reason why service-oriented companies love giving promo items to their clients because they believe that if clients like their freebies, they will end up doing more transactions with them in the future.

Promotional Items Are Compelling

Promotional items are also compelling and they encourage people to make a decision to get products and services. For instance, if you run a travel agency and you give promotional items like travel mugs to your clients to boost your promotional sale, then they will be encouraged to book their next travel with you if they find your offers irresistible. Promo items are not only used by businesses but also by organizations that want to launch their cause to society. Charitable institutions give away pins and other promo items to encourage people to join their cause.

Customized Promotional Items Help Boost The Customer Ego

There is really nothing like receiving a promo item that has your name on it. In fact, giving them away can help boost the customer ego. The thing is that people love to see their names on most of their things. It makes them feel special if you print their names on the promo item and they are likely to use them more compared to other promotional items that do not have their names on them.

There is really no doubt that promotional items are very powerful marketing strategies and this is the reason why it remains as one of the most popular and sought after marketing strategies in the market today.

Measuring the ROI of Promotional Products

Have you ever considered measuring the ROI of Promotional Products?

As a modern-day marketer, we are trained to question & measure the return on all marketing activities. I was recently asked by a fellow marketer how would I measure or rate promotional products against other forms of marketing techniques?

It was a fair question but it surprised me nonetheless, so I decided to build an experimental promotional marketing campaign while bringing the focus to ROI.

For the sake of this campaign, let’s say you want to measure the return on promotional materials to be used as giveaways for an event.

ROI of Promotional Giveaways for Events

Let’s assume that the event is expected to receive 1000 participants and out of those you can reasonably estimate that 40% of the participants are your targeted audience.

In other words, you are basically looking at running a promotional marketing campaign for 400 participants at the cost of 1000 participants, since you can’t find out which participant is your targeted audience by simply looking at them.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

A popular event promotional giveaway, such as a custom keychain typically costs under $1 per piece. You will need 1000 keychains for all the participants in this particular campaign. So, your total estimated cost for this campaign would be $1000 (1000 keychains @ roughly $1 each + setup costs).

In other words, your direct cost of promotional marketing campaign would be: $1000 per 400 participants or $2.5 per participant (as you will end up wasting the remaining $600 worth of giveaways to the non-targeted audience)

The MATH behind the ROI of Reach

According to a research done by PPAI, an average promotional item kept over a year is seen by at least 2.5 additional targeted audiences by means of their original recipient. This is called as reach amplification, where your promotional product is exposed to other people intentionally or as a by-product of use.

In other words, if 400 participants used their promotional items for over a year, they will expose your brand name to 1000 more targeted audience. Simple speaking, by spending $1000 you managed to expose your brand name to at least 1400 targeted audience over the course of a year.

Therefore, the Cost per Impression (CPI) is $0.71 per targeted audience.

Now if you can just factor in your company conversion rates, it will give you a good idea on the ROI of this particular campaign.


Context of Use

The performance of a promotional item can be greatly affected by the context in which it is used. For example, a real estate agent giving away promotional keychains to his prospective clients can see an even better ROI as there will be very little waste.

Brand Resonance or Product Choice

It is vital to choose the right promotional product that connects with your brand & messaging. Just because a promotional product is exciting, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily drive home the intended message. You will need to find promotional products that resonate with your audience and carry your message through brand association.

For example, a moving company would benefit from giving away branded measuring tapes, a repair company may benefit from giving away branded repair tools and so on.