How To Define Promotional Products

As a rule, promotional products are imprinted with a company’s name, logo or message. They include both decorative and useful items of merchandise that can be incorporated in marketing and communication campaigns. Items are used to endorse a product, service or company agenda and can include business gifts, and awards, prizes, commemoratives and other decorated or imprinted items.

Promotional products that are imprinted and distributed free are referred to as Advertising Specialties. Imprinted promotional gifts that are given as an inducement for a precise action are known as Premiums. Business gifts, awards and items that commemorate are also known as promotional products.

The importance of promotional products is in their power to carry a message to a targeted audience. The products are both useful to, and appreciated by, the recipients; consequently, they are retained and used.

Rewards for using promotional products

Promotional products are flexible, substantial and ongoing. Their influence can be easily calculated and have a higher apparent value which compliments the selected audience.

Promotional products engender goodwill towards a company and its salespeople.

On-Line promotional products

The majority of sites offering promotional gifts have websites that are linked to promotional product shopping malls. For this reason, products provided are very often not discounted. offers the most varied range of products on-line. As testimony to our purchasing power, most gifts are offered at discounted prices from selected distinguished manufacturers.

Our promotional products range

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Promotional Products Guide

Promotional Products Specialists Who doesn’t love receiving a free gift? Think about every convention, event, expo, or trade show, that you have ever attended. Chances are the phrase, “I really can’t wait to get some free stuff” crossed your mind. You might find it hard to believe but companies live for this. It’s a chance to give you, the consumer some type of promotional product in hopes that you will use it or keep it with you. They know that in the future you will promote their company by showing their promotional item to a friend, colleague, or just about anyone. These promotional products can be just about anything: shirts, bags, hats. You name it and it can be a promotional product. Promotional products are not only a superb tool in getting your company recognized, but a necessity.

Purchasing a promotional product can go a very long way. Will results be immediate? In some cases, yes. But if you don’t see the benefits right away they’ll come in due time. Take my own story for example. I’ve been to trade shows and whether they’re car shows or PC expos, the first thing that I pick up when I walk through those big entry ways is a plastic bag. I’ve now got a place to put all my brochures, pamphlets, and whatever else I might collect at the convention. Now these bags usually have some company’s logo printed right on the bag. At the most recent PC expo that I went to they had’s logo on the bag. I can remember exactly how it looked: a bright red bag with their company logo printed in white. That was about two or three months ago. Now that’s smart company branding right there. If I can remember that out of all the other things that I have done in the past two months, then the company has accomplished their goal with the use of a promotional product.

This might be compelling evidence that promotional products are the key to getting your company recognized and remembered, but just picking the coolest product on the block won’t get you very far. There’s one key element to remember when choosing a promotional product: you need to know your target audience. Example: you can’t give fruit stress reliever to a convention attendee that is there to see computers. Why? It has nothing to do with what your target audience is interested in. Wouldn’t you rather give a computer stress reliever? Your target audience is the key because they are the ones you want at your booth and they are the ones you want contacting your company directly to purchase some type of item or service. If you leave a lasting impression on that customer then you have done successfully promoted your company. And if you do it with a promotional product, then you have left them with a physical product that will remind them to contact you in the future.

All this is great, but you’re probably thinking what type of promotional product would benefit me the most? Again look to your target audience but also look at what type of industry you’re in. Ask yourself, what type of relationship do I want to build with a customer: long term or short term? If you’re interested in a short term relationship, then probably any industry related promotional doodad will do, but if you want a lasting impression, do a little bit of homework. Think what I would want if I was a long time customer from a company. Personally, I would love to get a promotional bag for my laptop from the company who sells me my computer parts. I’d love a duffle bag with the company logo of my auto parts store screen printed on the side.I see that as loyalty to me, the consumer. And if I were the owner of a company and I saw a customer using the promotional item that I picked out, that would make me feel good. Because I’d know that I had successfully developed a good relationship with my customers.

So how do you start successfully branding your business? Firstly, work from the inside out by starting with your employees. They interact with customers day to day and they’re people themselves. So running ideas about promotional products by them can give you great feedback into the mind of the consumer. Your employees will tell you an honest opinion about which products would be most successful with your customers. This will save you time and expense. Speaking of time, be sure to factor in that promotional products are made to order. Customization takes time, so make sure you, if you have a specific event date, you leave yourself the time needed. It saves time and money in the long run.

So what have we learned about promotional products? Firstly, promotional products can help your company in ways you have never dreamed of when used correctly. Secondly, know your target audience. In addition to knowing your target audience, you have to know your industry. Utilize your employees’ ideas and opinions about specific promotional items before giving them out to your target audience. Finally and most importantly, plan in advance and allow the time needed for production. Following these simple steps will result in, not only the correct use of promotional products, but a successful promotion as well!

How To Find The Right Promotional Products For Your Business

There are many researches that have shown that promotional products are the best marketing practice that can generate a lot of leads. However, there is more to using promo items as a way to generate lead. In fact, they are great ways to represent your entire organization or business to the whole world. In fact, there are companies that use specific promotional gifts in order for their clients to easily associate them with their company.

Various companies and organizations have used promotional products as a way to reach out to their targeted consumers and with the highly competitive market today, it is no wonder why an eclectic array of promotional items exists today. The variety of choices of promo items to choose from can be a challenging task but there are ways for you to determine the appropriate promotional items for your business.

Determine Your Reasons For Giving Out Promotional Items

There are many reasons why companies and organizations give out promotional products and it is important that you determine yours. Are you giving them as corporate gifts to your clients or are you planning to give them to your employees to boost your morale? Are you looking for promotional items to give away during a special event such as a company anniversary or during a trade show? The general rule here is that different events require different types and caliber of promotional gifts.

Look For Promotional Products That Are Related To Your Business

Whether you are planning to give corporate gifts or just simple promotional items, it is crucial that you look for those that are related to your business. For instance if your business is a coffee shop, then the best promo items for your business will include coffee mugs, tumblers and glass coasters to name a few. It is important to give promotional items that your clients will easily associate with your business. That way, they will have better retention about what your company is and the type of services and products that you provide.

Ensure The Quality Of Your Promotional Gifts

As mentioned earlier, advertising products are reflections of your organization so if you tend to give your clients promotional products that are made from poor quality materials, then chances are that your client will also associate it with your company.

Whether you are giving out corporate gifts to your seasoned clients or just using them as advertising products, it is important that you know how to properly choose the right one for your company.

Reasons To Convince You Why You Should Opt For Promotional Products

There are many types of marketing ideas that you can use to promote your business and brand but if you are looking for an effective marketing strategy, then you should opt for promotional items. There are many reasons why you should use promotional giveaways to make your business known to your prospect clients fast and if you are one of the many people who are still apprehensive about using this strategy, then below are the reasons that may convince you to use promotional marketing.

Promotional Giveaways Send Your Messages Clearly

You do not beat around the bush when you use promotional giveaways. What you send to your clients are messages about what your products are as well as your intentions. Thus, it is important that you use the right product that will represent your company. Consider promotional products as your marketing team and if they do not look good, then they do not represent your business well.

Promotional Giveaways Are Cost Effective

The reason why many people are apprehensive about using promo items is that these products sometimes or most of the time cost more than conventional ads on TV or on the radio. If you run a very small business, then you might justify that using promotional giveaways will take up most of your financial resources. Although this might be partially true, promotional products are very cost-effective. One promotional product, when use properly, is equivalent to two or three promotional advertisements. The reason for this is passive advertising.

Promotional Giveaways Are Effective In Passive Advertising

Many marketing specialists value passive advertising. This kind of advertising does not require you to constantly make promotional ads or use other marketing ideas. All there is to it is for you to use a promotional product embedded with your company logo and contact information. Once other people see the information written on your promo item, they will be curious enough to find out what your business is all about. Thus to make them become effective passive advertising tools, make sure that your promo items are attractive and eye catchy. Examples of promotional items that are effective in passive advertising are promo bags, coffee mugs and pens.

If you are still apprehensive about using promotional products to promote your business, then you missing out on a lot of opportunities that can help your business succeed. If anything else, now is the time to take advantage of this marketing strategy.